About the Company Prosperity Textile is an industry-leading denim fabric manufacturer with 80 million yards capacity, providing R&D, design and manufacturing services to global garment clients. As a responsible corporate citizen, Prosperity Textile unswervingly advocates low-carbon development strategy and integrates green manufacturing concepts through all stages of our company’s operation, from eco-materials, recycling water, gas and chemical, to installing sewage treatment system and eco-washing technology.
Country China
Products denim fabric
Website Address http://www.prosperity-textile.com
Contact Person Andy Zhong
Designation Marketing Manager
Company Address 24F, Tower A, Poly Universe Plaza, 626 Tianhe Road(N), Guangzhou, China
Certificate & Compliances Prosperity Textile Awarded Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises of Guangdong 2014 Prosperity Textile Awarded Clean by Design Certificate of Achievement 2014 by the Natural Resources Defense Council

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