SOORTY– Latest AW2021 Collection At 4th Edition Of Denimsandjeans Vietnam

Soorty, one of the leading Denim Manufacturers from Pakistan, is going to showcase its latest AW20/21 collection at the 4th edition of Denimsandjeans Vietnam Show which is scheduled for June 12-13 at Riverside Palace, Dist 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The collection offers a wide range that targets different lifestyles, consumer tribes, and realities. They bring together the practical and the stylish, the responsibly manufactured and the technology to offer a WORLD OF DENIM, DESIGNED FOR LIFE. The main inspiration for AW20/21 is about the realization of the problems existing; in a constructive way because a solution can only be defined when the problem is clearly identified. The collections get inspired from nature itself; while paying respect to all aspects of it.

Let’s take a quick tour of what they are going to reveal at the show.


  • These are the pieces you collect now as in the future they will become the new vintage.
  • Re-interpretations of familiar heroes.
  • The core denim ranges which were elevated from neo rustic character constructions.

Extreme twills, heavier fabrics, selvedge and nostalgic details coming together. Handwork, artisanship, quilt, heritage is quite strong.

Nostalgia is one of the containers with subconcepts.

  • inky darks: dark indigo shades that make the most beautiful canvas for the slouchy looks, beautiful raws, and the engineered compositions.
  • Rust dust, the re-interpretation of familiar heroes and the hand worked heritage items
  • And also non- denim that offers a selection of whites and ecrus that all deliver the same premium feeling. The winter whites is a thing and we are offering a wide selection of twills, weights, compositions, and constructions here.


Conscious consumerism
is continuing to grow as the millennials and Gen Z continues basing their buying decisions on the brand reputation on this age of information. A new spirit of rebellion forming based on the consciousness that celebrates freedom, self-expression, happiness, and wellness. Cradle to Cradle, our design system for developing sustainable products based on a circular economy, improves the way of MAKE, USE & RE-USE of things. Soorty has launched C2C GOLD CERTIFIED TM denim fabric line last season, offering a wide range of fabrics from light to heavyweight in a variety of constructions. Being dedicated to the beauty of the C2C concept, they are building on to this precious line and will be expanding it to even more options in the upcoming seasons.

  • Re-wild
  • Circular economy
  • Transparency
  • Positive impact

Neutral Blue and Clean Blue are our newest additions to the C2C family which they are launching and they claim it to be the world’s first clean liquid indigo to make the aniline free denim.


For the consumer group looking for everyday basics with a twist of technology or a fine-tuning touch. Looking effortlessly chick, as if it wasn’t tried hard at all, but looks perfect in the end.

  • Everyday essentials
  • Daily wear
  • Simplicity

with a twist of technology, coatings, crispy weaves or styling.It has been divided under two main concepts;

  • Fashion Shades is where we find the majority of the basics; retro inspired midshades, a good focus on rigid, soft hand feel and an upsized fashion unisex. Wide range of fabric weights and fabrics that take effect quite easily.
  • Utility on the other hand is where we see more coatings, crispy touches, unisex silhouettes and statement wear. Upsized items, big pockets, dense surfaces.


Performance properties and innovation are the key. Sportswear and classic tailoring get more and more involved each day. The pace of technological advancement has created a world where uncommon alliances are enhanced with the digital world.

Sartorial touches fused in with traditional sportswear silhouettes.

  • A love affair between sportswear and classic tailoring
  • Performance
  • Athleisure
  • Discovering materials and manufacturing methods to innovate, engineering to distrust

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