Special 1986 Collection By Kilim Denim At The 4th Edition Of Denimsandjeans Vietnam

Kilimdenim, the first denim factory in Turkey, has been in the industry for 32 years by keeping up with the transformation of denim over time but also remaining true to its essence. Having manufactured denim for the first time 80 years ago, Kilimdenim was founded by Mehmet Kilimci. In 1979, they bought Kartaltepe Textiles. In 1986, Mehmet Kilimci replaced the old systems with a manila system, the first to be implemented in Istanbul. In this era when denim jeans were becoming increasingly popular, the brand first made sales in the domestic market. Having directed its path towards export in addition to the domestic market in the last 7 years, Kilimdenim distributes Turkish fabric to all across the world with years of experience.  Featuring a capacity of 12 million meters of denim and 6 million meters of non-denim fabrics a year, Kilimdenim adopts the philosophy “not to manufacture much but to manufacture by giving the fabric the value it deserves.”

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1986 was the year when Kilim made an investment in denim manufacture with a big vision in a time when wearing blue jeans wasn’t very popular in Turkey. 1986 marks the starting point of denim’s origin and since then the brand has been continuing to manufacture for 33 years with some changes. The company announced the launch of a special collection – 1986 Collection on the special occasion of completing this long Journey.

1986 is a collection by a company whose employees know the true origin of denim and realize those looks with today’s technology. Today when fashion looks for originality and respects true values, Kilimdenim returns to the essence of denim and shares the knowledge and experience of its employees who witnessed the first years with its special 1986 collection.


Special fabrics favored by true denim lovers that reflect the real spirit of denim with updated looks and washing techniques. As men’s and women’s five-pocket pants and denim jacket patterns become similar, fabric looks are no longer classified in these categories. The Ageless collection was designed to cater to both sexes with 9.5-14 ounces rigid and comfort stretch looks.Stretch fabrics with high elasticity are no longer just for women. Men are no longer afraid of tight jeans or jackets. When the comfort of stretch is combined with denim’s character, it becomes a variety of fabrics which can easily be preferred by both sexes. Made with dual-core yarns between 7.5-10.5 ounces, the fabrics of the GenderFree collection cater to both men and women with various colors and looks.

Kilimdenim’s color-coated, overdyed fabrics with special finishes, found only in its ColorCode collection.

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The brand’s sustainability efforts become visible with denim in the Re-Create collection, and with gaberdine fabrics in the Kilimwhite collection. – Fabrics made with natural fibers such as organic, BCI cotton and Tencel. – HydroFree project which comprises indigo-dyed fabrics with zero hydrosulphite. – CACTUS fabrics which decreases use of water by 93% thanks to advanced processes. – Certified fabrics made with yarns recycled from cotton and polyester yarns and post-consumer products. All the products made for the presentation were made with biodegradable accessories, washed without water or chemicals, and made with a sustainable approach without compromising the denim look.


Kilim is going to showcased its SS/20 collection at the 4th edition of Denimsandjeans Vietnam which is scheduled for June 12-13 at Riverside Palace, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. To visit, buyers can register online at www.vmshow.denimsandjeans.com. For further information, drop an email at info@denimsandjeans.com

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